Founded in Norway in 1984, CAMO Software is a pioneer and leader in Multivariate Data Analysis and Design of Experiments software. Today, we have offices in Norway, USA, Japan, India and Australia.

The Unscrambler® X is the preferred data analysis software for more than 25,000 engineers, scientists and data analysts in 3,000 organizations because of its ease of use, powerful  multivariate analysis methods and data visualization tools.

Our solution for real-time process monitoring, Unscrambler® X Process Pulse II, help clients improve process monitoring, understanding and control. It enables powerful multivariate models developed with The Unscrambler® X to be used to monitor at-line, on-line and in-line processes.

Our software is used by many of the world’s leading companies, universities and research institutes in sectors including:

Multivariate data analysis is a powerful set of data mining techniques that help identify patterns and understand the relationships between variables in large and complex data sets. This gives organizations valuable insights to make more informed decisions, improve research & development, market segmentation, manufacturing processes and product quality.

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