Soon 2016 will be in the past and 2017 will be the number to crunch. As we put 2016 behind us we can see that multivariate analysis is a growing topic, and furthermore, moving to apply models in real-time and directly in processes is high in demand. CAMO has one of the most complete solutions in the market for process monitoring and paired with multivariate models coming from the long-time proven Unscrambler®, we can offer customers what they need to move into the next era of manufacturing and development processes. As our scientists continue to innovate together with our developers we would like take even more time to talk to customers and potential customers about how we can help. Hence, in 2017 we will be out to meet you in many places and we will host our own CAMO Futures event on the 31st of May to 1st of June in Glasgow, Scotland. Save the dates in your calendar and registration will be open shortly. You will also meet us at IFPAC in Washington D.C., EUROPACT in Berlin and at the ICNIRS in Copenhagen. See our event calendar here.

We look forward to helping you bring data to life in 2017!
Happy New Year!