The Unscrambler® X does not have a limitation on the size of data that one can work with. It can have as many rows and columns as required or collected. Users with large data sets are recommended to use the 64-bit version of the software and have 8GB or more RAM on their computer. A few tricks to increase the speed of analysis when working with very large data sets (i.e. 500MB and larger) are to change the undo stack to 1, and to choose to Discard Residuals when doing the validation on analysis. To change the undo stack go to Tools-Options. Select Editor, and the General tab, where changes can be made to settings for the number of categories, the undo stack, and the preview file size.


The option to Discard Residuals is a check box on the Validation tab when doing an analysis by PCA, PCR or PLS. By choosing this, some of the large three-dimensional matrices that are computed during validation will not be saved with the model, and thus will decrease the model size and improve computation time.

Principal Component Regression