Part of effective data analysis is defining and organizing data in a manner to facilitate the analysis and interpretation of results. We do have the Define range dialog to allow one to do this from a data matrix, but since chemometrics entails a strong component of visualization, it can be useful to go directly from the plots, to defining row and/or column sets in our data. Take for instance this plot of data collected on different compounds: Plot of data collected on different compounds

We may want to select the variables of largest magnitude for a column set of data for future analysis. This can be done by first changing the dropdown in the toolbar from Mark Samples to Mark Variables:

Select the variables of largest magnitude

The mark tools can now be used to mark the variables. A column set can be created from these by right clicking in the plot to choose Create range from the menu. This will now create the column set of the marked variables. This could also be done analogously to create row sets of samples when samples are marked in a plot. Column set of the marked variables