Sometimes when you have data that can be split into different categories (such as classes or batches), it is helpful to create row sets based on those categories. Having row sets identified can make it easier to search for grouping in scores plots, identifying outliers (especially mislabeling), creating classification models, or creating individual models when a global model is inappropriate. There is a function in Unscrambler that is very handy for doing this automatically if you have a Category variable set up.

In this example, there are a number of samples of different types of vegetable oils. There is a category variable that identifies each sample as one of the available types.


To define row sets automatically based on this category variable, select/highlight the column of interest, then navigate to Edit àGroup Rows…


A dialogue box will appear and you can confirm or edit your column selection.

Note: If the column has numerical data in it, the “Number of Groups” option will be functional, and the software will automatically create evenly distributed ranges for the number of groups selected.


Once “OK” is pressed, the appropriate row sets (either based on category values or automatically generated ranges) will be defined and available in the navigation pane on the left side of the Unscrambler window.