Mie scattering can be observed in infrared spectra of single cells measured by high energy (Synchrotron) spectroscopy.
We are pleased to announce the release of a new plugin that can be used to correct for the Mie scattering in The Unscrambler© X. The plugin generates Mie contribution spectra that can be used as input to the Extended Multiplicative Signal Correction (EMSC) transform in order to remove the Mie effects from the raw spectra.

The details of the used algorithm have also been published in:
A. Kohler et al. Estimating and Correcting Mie Scattering in Synchrotron-Based Microscopic
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectra by Extended Multiplicative Signal Correction, Appl.
Spectrosc., 62, 259-266 (2008).

The plugin is available to all users with a valid subscription to the CAMO Support and Maintenance Program, and is available for download here. For more information and installation instructions, please refer to the release notes.