CAMO Software recently hosted a Partner Conference for our European partners, where many engaging conversations took place over the course of the conference. One thing made clear was our joint quest on a mission to improve the experience for the end user, to reduce complexity and to add direct value to business critical units and operations. As much as I would like to believe that the world is full of data scientists that thrive on analysing data all day long, it is only a small portion of manufacturing companies or pharmaceutical supply chain players that do so. The reality is that we frequently get asked to provide plug-and-play solutions that customers directly can integrate in their infrastructure and they depend on us and our partners to provide expertise in multivariate analysis and chemometrics. I would go as far as saying that they expect us to provide not just the tool to analyse their data but also the means of putting our software to work.

The eco-system in the world of data analytics, and in particular the industrial usage of data analysis of processes, is where real customer value innovation will take place. We are driving on a road towards more open interfaces where it should be easy to combine hardware with software and connect data management systems with analytics capabilities. It is also a destination where customers are looking for greater value in the shape of training and consulting services, allowing the end users to focus on their core business while we offer the edge they need in an easily consumed package, to improve product quality, production efficiency and ultimately gain a competitive advantage in their respective market place.

There are many reasons why I think that our partners are a key asset not just for us, but also for the customers, who are looking for solutions to their specific requirements. The appetite for ready to use solutions is getting bigger and everyone is looking for means of bringing their data to life. As a result of the increasing demand for user friendly and easy to implement software that enable non data scientists to maneuver through the data analysis world, CAMO has introduced our multivariate process monitoring solution, Process Pulse II. This solution aims to fill the void between advanced analysis development and its application in a manufacturing environment. In this context it serves as a proof of the value we can add by reducing complexity and making a data scientists’ work applicable in a much wider spectrum of operations that will further enhance the value added to the end users. And that’s what both CAMO and our partners are set out to do – bring data to life for our customers to enjoy the benefits of multivariate analysis.

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