In data exploration and analysis, it is helpful to have the flexibility to add data to a plot, or even to a model that one has developed. This can be done in The Unscrambler® X with a simple right mouse click.

In a plot, additional data can be added by right clicking and choosing Add Data from the menu. This opens the appropriate plot dialog wherein additional samples or variables can be added to an existing plot.

Scatter Plot

The plot will be updated with the added information.

An analysis can be recalculated with new data by choosing the model node in the project navigator and right clicking to choose Recalculate-With New Data.

In the dialog box that opens the new data are selected, and the user can choose to append additional data to the analysis, or overwrite what was used on the original analysis:

Add Data Set

When the model is recalculated, the original model is maintained, and an additional model is added to the project navigator, which can be renamed to an appropriate name.