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Tech Tip: Combining Data Matrices

Often, during the initial setup of a project (or when revisiting one), there is a need to combine data matrices. It may be that new

Tech Tip: Group Rows

Sometimes when you have data that can be split into different categories (such as classes or batches), it is helpful to create row sets based

User tip: User Setup

For Non-compliant users in The Unscrambler® X, it is recommended to create a login and identification to secure your work. It also helps in tracking

January 24, 2013 The Unscrambler X, User tips

User tip: Create category variables

Category variables are non-numeric descriptive variables that describe a category that objects may belong to. They can be used in multivariate analysis in regression models

December 27, 2012 User tips

User tip: Save models for use later in full format or into a smaller file size

Models developed in The Unscrambler® X can be saved and used in real-time in conjunction with The Unscrambler® Process Pulse and with the Unscrambler® Prediction

User tip: Prediction and Deviation

We judge the value of a model on how well it works in predicting values for new data. In the model development stage steps are

December 14, 2012 The Unscrambler X, User tips

User tip: Displaying residuals as the studentized residual

In checking how well a multivariate calibration models data, an important graphic is the plot of the Y residuals, which is the difference between the

December 11, 2012 User tips

User tip: Descriptive statistics

As part of exploratory analysis of multivariate data, it can be very helpful to plot the data and look at the descriptive statistics to see

December 05, 2012 User tips

User tip: Mark Support Vectors in plot of SVM_C results

When performing a Support Vector Machine (SVM) classification in The Unscrambler® X, a 2-D plot of the classification of the samples is displayed showing the

November 06, 2012 The Unscrambler X, User tips

User tip: Create ranges from plots

Part of effective data analysis is defining and organizing data in a manner to facilitate the analysis and interpretation of results. We do have the

September 14, 2012 User tips
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