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The Unscrambler X

User tip: Save models for use later in full format or into a smaller file size

Models developed in The Unscrambler® X can be saved and used in real-time in conjunction with The Unscrambler® Process Pulse and with the Unscrambler® Prediction

Cool feature: Reverse sample order/variable order

The Unscrambler® X provides users with flexibility in organizing their data which can be helpful in visualization and analysis. With the cursor in the data

December 20, 2012 Feature zoom, The Unscrambler X

User tip: Prediction and Deviation

We judge the value of a model on how well it works in predicting values for new data. In the model development stage steps are

December 14, 2012 The Unscrambler X, User tips

Feature zoom: Add new data

In data exploration and analysis, it is helpful to have the flexibility to add data to a plot, or even to a model that one

December 14, 2012 Feature zoom, The Unscrambler X

Feature zoom: Transpose data

Data for multivariate analysis are organized such that each row represents a sample, object or observation, and each column a variable. Sometimes the data that

December 05, 2012 Feature zoom, The Unscrambler X

User tip: Mark Support Vectors in plot of SVM_C results

When performing a Support Vector Machine (SVM) classification in The Unscrambler® X, a 2-D plot of the classification of the samples is displayed showing the

November 06, 2012 The Unscrambler X, User tips

Feature zoom: Support Vector Machine (SVM) Classification

The Unscrambler® X has the capability to use support vector machine (SVM) for both regression and classification modeling. SVM classification is based on statistical learning

November 06, 2012 Feature zoom, The Unscrambler X

Year-End discount campaign: Save 15-30% on The Unscrambler® X

This month we have special offers on The Unscrambler® X, our leading multivariate data analysis and design of experiments software. With 2012 budgets soon running

November 05, 2012 The Unscrambler X

The Unscrambler® X seamlessly integrated with Siemens SIPAT 4.0

We recently announced that The Unscrambler® X can now be seamlessly integrated with SIMATIC SIPAT 4.0, the latest release of Siemens Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Feature zoom: Hotelling´s T2 statistic

Hotelling´s T2 statistic is the multivariate counterpart of the Student´s t and is used in The Unscrambler® X as a powerful tool for outlier detection

September 14, 2012 Feature zoom, The Unscrambler X
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