With Industry 4.0 around the corner and concepts like continuous manufacturing, the future is almost here. But not quite yet. In the meantime batch processes will continue to be a common practice in manufacturing.

For the longest time we have found that the multivariate modeling of batch processes has been imprecise and even inaccurate. Hence, we have invested time and resources in coming up with a new way of modeling that can bring us closer to the true batch trajectory. This breakthrough brings many benefits to our customers and can be translated into real return on investments. Some examples to mention are detecting and adjusting out-of-spec situations and events early, and predicting product quality at an early stage to comply with regulatory requirements. Finally, understanding the process and making it more transparent will give the ability to develop the process further and improve the operational efficiency.

The interest for this new solution has been great, and emphasizes that it is a real problem that many are challenged by. For a long time we have had to settle for estimates without knowing what the total impact would be, and as long as it looks like we are within our limits we have to assume it is all good. This new methodology represents a starting point to achieve new levels in  production processes and also a positive  step towards the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

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