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User tip: Create category variables

Category variables are non-numeric descriptive variables that describe a category that objects may belong to. They can be used in multivariate analysis in regression models

December 27, 2012 User tips

Feature zoom: Making advanced plots

Beyond the plotting options available in the toolbar in The Unscrambler® X (line, histogram, normal probability etc) there are numerous other plotting options available from

December 27, 2012 Feature zoom, The Unscrambler X

User tip: Save models for use later in full format or into a smaller file size

Models developed in The Unscrambler® X can be saved and used in real-time in conjunction with The Unscrambler® Process Pulse and with the Unscrambler® Prediction

Cool feature: Reverse sample order/variable order

The Unscrambler® X provides users with flexibility in organizing their data which can be helpful in visualization and analysis. With the cursor in the data

December 20, 2012 Feature zoom, The Unscrambler X

User tip: Prediction and Deviation

We judge the value of a model on how well it works in predicting values for new data. In the model development stage steps are

December 14, 2012 The Unscrambler X, User tips

Feature zoom: Add new data

In data exploration and analysis, it is helpful to have the flexibility to add data to a plot, or even to a model that one

December 14, 2012 Feature zoom, The Unscrambler X

User tip: Displaying residuals as the studentized residual

In checking how well a multivariate calibration models data, an important graphic is the plot of the Y residuals, which is the difference between the

December 11, 2012 User tips

Feature zoom: Reverse sample order/variable order

Sometimes data are imported in a way that is not optimal for the display of the data or the results. This can be the case

December 11, 2012 Feature zoom

User tip: Descriptive statistics

As part of exploratory analysis of multivariate data, it can be very helpful to plot the data and look at the descriptive statistics to see

December 05, 2012 User tips

Feature zoom: Transpose data

Data for multivariate analysis are organized such that each row represents a sample, object or observation, and each column a variable. Sometimes the data that

December 05, 2012 Feature zoom, The Unscrambler X
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