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Feature zoom: Drag and drop data

Data can be imported into The Unscrambler® X from many data formats, with more being added regularly. The current import menu includes over 20 data

August 01, 2012 Feature zoom, The Unscrambler X

User tip:

The numeric format of data in a project in The Unscrambler® X can be changed under Options to display various levels of precision. This sets

August 01, 2012 The Unscrambler X, User tips

Feature zoom: Min, max & mean plots

As part of the overview of data it is often helpful to perform Descriptive statistics and evaluate the plots of the data in terms of

August 01, 2012 Feature zoom

User tip: Enhancing graphics

Visualizing data using graphical tools is the basis of exploratory data analysis and can guide the analysis of large amounts of data we would like

August 01, 2012 The Unscrambler X, User tips
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